Top 5 Canva Alternatives For Amazing Video Editing

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Are you looking for Canva alternatives for easy video editing? We often need more than one tool to create eye-catching videos or pictures, so I will walk you through five video editing tools that can be added to your toolkit along with Canva.

I am a big fan of Canva, since its versatility makes it the swiss army knife of content creation tools. With Canva, you can create an image, infographic, video, presentation, report and so much more! Canva has tons of templates for both videos and graphic design, so you can easily create amazing images and videos. However, as a video editing tool it doesn’t have a track, so it is sometimes not able to offer enough creative control. For instance, you can’t merge multiple videos or cut videos with it. This is why we need alternatives to Canva to serve our video editing needs in different ways.

Top 5 Canva alternatives for video creation


BeeCut is an easy-to-use video editing tool with a lot of creative flexibility. It supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and even has an online version. Much like Canva, BeeCut has plenty of pre-made elements and filters that you can simply download and add to your video, so I wanted to include it as one of the best Canva alternatives.

BeeCut interface

One of the features that I am LOVING is the speech-to-text function. It can automatically recognize spoken speech or your video’s audio and convert it into text. If you want to add a lot of subtitles, BeeCut will be your lifesaver.

Another advantage of BeeCut is that it’s slick! I love that BeeCut is user-friendly in that you just have to click on the elements you want and they pop up in the dashboard area.

Pros: Intuitive interfaces; powerful speech-to-text function

Cons: Fixed tracks/layers

Getting Started:

BeeCut starts with a FREE plan where you can get access to all its features. You can then upgrade to a monthly/annual/lifetime plan for higher resolution exports.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Compared to its more advanced Adobe cousins – Premiere Pro, After Effect and Audition, Adobe Premiere Rush is designed to simplify the video editing function for beginners, so I counted it as one of the Canva alternatives.

Premiere Rush is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, and more importantly, it is capable of syncing to the cloud so you can edit your video on multiple devices.

Adobe Premiere Rush interface

Plus, Premiere Rush borrows the engine from its professional cousin – Premiere Pro, which means it has that engine running on smartphones. This is cool for Adobe fans and professional users as it offers the same quality video editing capabilities as Premiere Pro while simplifying the process.

Another clear advantage of Premiere Rush is that it can share images to a range of social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, and Snapchat without even leaving the editor.

Pros: Very powerful video editor; cloud-based project library; Robust features for directly exporting to social media platforms

Cons: Only 3 exports and 2GB of cloud storage for free version

Getting Started:

Premiere Rush starts with a FREE plan where you get 3 exports and 2GB of cloud storage, but upgrade to a monthly/annual plan for unlimited exports and more cloud storage.

Adobe Spark

Given that Premiere Rush doesn’t have an online version, I would like to add Adobe Spark to this list of Canva alternatives.

Much like Canva, Adobe Spark is an online cloud-based video editor. With this tool, you can create all types of creatives – images, slideshows, presentations, videos, etc.

Adobe Spark interface

Plus, I do like that it has video templates for multiple purposes. It offers video structures to help promote an idea, tell your story, teach a lesson, share personal growth, etc.

Adobe Spark video templates

Pros: Cloud-based project library; video templates for multiple purposes

Cons: Video template library only for paid version; limited tracks

Getting Started:

Adobe Spark starts with a FREE plan where you can get thousands of FREE images and icons, and you can then upgrade to an individual/team plan for access to the complete library of Adobe Fonts and templates.


Clideo is a quick and easy-to-use online video editing tool, which is why I considered it a great alternative to Canva. It is the latest addition to my video editor toolkit and I LOVE it!

At first, I didn’t even want to try this tool out, because I have to jump from one web page to another to use different functions. For instance, if I want to cut a video and add subtitles to it, I have to cut it and download it on one page and then go to another web page to add subtitles.

Clideo interface

However, then I found this is actually a great tool for those who only have the simplest video editing needs. For example, if my friend sends a video in a group chat, and I decide to make it into a meme and share it back into the chat, then Clideo is the perfect tool. With Clideo’s meme maker, I can create a meme and share it with my friends in just a few seconds! I have to be honest and admit I put Clideo in my list of Canva alternatives 80% because it made me the top meme designer among my friends.

Pros: Easy to use; unique meme maker

Cons: One single function available at a time

Getting Started:

Clideo starts with a FREE plan where you can get access to all functions. You can then upgrade to a monthly/annual/lifetime plan.


Clipchamp’s interface is similar to Canva so it definitely makes this list of Canva alternatives for video creation. However, Clipchamp is different from Canva as it only focuses on video editing.

Clipchamp interface

Clipchamp’s functions are very similar to BeeCut and Adobe Premiere Rush as I mentioned above, but what makes it outstanding is its Giphy library. It has a bunch of fun gif animations and you can simply click on them to add them to your project library. And this project library is another great part of Clipchamp, because it it is cloud-based and you can share it with your team.

Pros: Cloud-based project library; gif animation library

Cons: Slow processing; limited pre-made elements and overlays

Getting Started:

Clipchamp starts with a FREE plan where you can get access to all functions. You can then upgrade to a creator/business/business platinum plan for higher resolution exports and unlimited video/audio stock.

Over to you

Are you inspired to try out a new video editor from my list of Canva alternatives? If you are looking for new and different features, check out the free trials of the tools I mentioned above and play with them! Leave me a comment below!

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