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Max file size 100 MB. Download Pro version for large files

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How to screenshot video

Capture every moving moment

  • 01

    Import files

    Import the video to make a screenshot
  • 02

    Start capturing

    Click the "Start Capturing" button while playing the video to get a screenshot
  • 03

    Export images

    Click "Export All" to download and save the screenshot

One-click screenshot video

No matter if your video is for professional needs like writing film reviews or making a video cover, or even for social needs when capturing a fantastic movie dialogue or sharing highlight stage photos, BeeCut fulfills your requirements of capturing a screenshot video for every occasion.

Aim to become user preference

We created an online video editor with countless features for all ages to master. We devote ourselves to enhancing product performance and optimizing algorithms for a reliable online video editor tool that helps every user.

A simplified video editing operation

Besides taking online Screenshot Video, BeeCut online video editor provides you with services such as converting Video to GIF, Extract Audio, Merge Video, etc. These functions simplify the video editing operation and enable everyone to easily become an excellent video editor.

Intelligent production of for a happy life

The significance of intelligent production means not only greater ease of use because of advanced technology, but more importantly the beauty of life through convenience. Online screenshot video is built upon the philosophy that intelligence makes life better and screenshot video marks the highlights of our precious lives.

Product advantages

Superior online screenshot video tool

  • Free to use

    All online functions can be used for free
  • All-in-one tool

    Powerful editing functions for various demands
  • Reliable

    All data submitted will be deleted in time to secure your privacy


Good products grow with user's support

  • Glory

    I used to use other tools to screenshot video but they were not precise and caused quality loss in pictures. I was not inclined to use pro apps, until I found this online tool. Superb!
  • Cici

    I'm a film reviewer, which means I pick pictures from among thousands of films. I used to capture screen with my video player but it was just so time-consuming and inconvenient. I happened to find this online screenshot video web program, and it's made for me! It has saved me so much time and was so easy to learn how to use. Thanks a lot!
  • Loiys

    I shot some videos when I took a trip with my girlfriends and I wanted to make several wallpapers from some of the best video clips. A friend recommended this online tool, which is rather easy to use and it produces high quality screenshots. I love this!

A simple and powerful free online screenshot video tool

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