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Max file size 100 MB. Download Pro version for large files

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Convert video to GIF at fast speed

Turn video into an animated high quality GIF instantly

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    Upload a video

    Import the video file you need to convert to GIF.
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    Select the clip

    Select the clip, choose the video quality, and then click "Start processing".
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    Download file

    Click "Download" to save the generated GIF after processing your file.

One-click GIF maker from video

Without downloading any converter software, you just need to import your video to create an amazing GIF. The output GIF file has a very small size allowing you to share onto social media websites more easily. It has been never easier for you to create a GIF!

Creates GIF from video in multiple formats

BeeCut Online Video Editor supports MP4, MOV, AVI, WEBM and many other popular video formats. You don't need to worry about the format of your video before importing it to this service. It is a very effective tool to convert video to animated GIF.

Useful in different scenes

If you want to share short funny scenes from popular TV shows and movies, play a demon GIF loop, convert the video inserted in your article into a GIF or for other purposes, in any case, BeeCut Online Video to GIF Converter can perfectly fulfill your needs.

Provides service to global customers

Our team members are dedicated to providing the best and most professional service to all of our customers. They worked hard and spent hundreds of days to develop this online tool in order to help our users turn a large video file into a small GIF. We believe you will like our service.

Our advantages

Sophisticated technical team and intimate customer service

  • Free to use

    It is a totally free online tool. Please feel free to use it whenever and as much as you'd like.
  • Online Editor

    No installation needed, you can access this service as long as you have an internet connection.
  • 100% safe

    We won't obtain any data from you and all of your files will be deleted automatically from our servers.

Customers' reviews

Your suggestions can always bring us new ideas!

  • Jason

    It is really a very useful tool. It helped me convert my MP4 to GIF successfully. The output file size was reduced a lot. I can now insert the GIF into my social post.
  • Paulline

    Many of our friends like to share their animated GIFs when we chat on Whatsapp. I also want to make some interesting GIFs. They shared this tool with me. It is really great! Many thanks to the developers.
  • Kevin

    Sometimes I need to turn small video snippets into GIFs but I don't like to download other third-party programs on my computer. This tool is so simple to use and works like a charm. Recommended!

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