How to Make Thanksgiving Day Videos for Kids

Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated yearly holiday celebration that starts in many countries. This celebration sets off decades ago as a way of giving thanks for the successful harvest for the whole year. Currently, due to advancements greetings are now done via video clips since greeting cards are becoming obsolete. So in this post, we are going to tackle the finest and easiest ways for you to create thanksgiving videos for kids and for yourself as well.

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Easiest Ways to Create Thanksgiving Videos for Kids

Using LightMV

When you’re planning to create a thanksgiving video for the first time, this is the right tool that you can rely on. LightMV is a web-based video maker that can help you create videos from various themes including thanksgiving videos for kids. It has a neat and simple interface to work on. Basically, there’s no need for any editing skills to create a video with this app, simply choose a template that you prefer to tweak a little and you’re done. To give you a hint of what to expect from this video maker, check out some of the gorgeous templates that were made for thanksgiving.

1. Thanks for Your Time

first template

This first template fits well if you’re planning to create thanksgiving videos for kids. The theme of this template basically tells him/her that you appreciate the time he/she spent taking care of you, at the same time giving your holiday greeting. Thanks for your time template consist of animated text, moving elements like heart, leaves, and twigs along with the video with a melodic beat playing in the background.

2. Happy Thanksgiving

second template

Another template that can be used for thanksgiving videos for kids or making thanksgiving greetings, in general, is called Happy Thanksgiving. This one has a light theme along with an upbeat track that plays with the video. The elements used in this template are more of the things you see on holidays and some of the foods that were served including the famous roasted turkey.

3. Thanksgiving Album

third template

If you’re planning to insert numerous photos on your video then this Thanksgiving Album template will definitely suit you. This template showcase a photo album animation that constantly turns pages revealing your images. Flying mistletoe leaves can also be seen along with the video with a very jolly background tune.

Using BeeCut

If you’re not fond of the online tool, then you can make use of this tool to create thanksgiving videos for kids. And this program is none other than BeeCut. This is a reliable video editing program that is capable of making awesome videos including holiday greetings. In creating a thanksgiving video with this app you’ll have access to various editing tools that can help you trim, crop, zoom, create a green-screen cut-out, and a speech-to-text function. To add more to your video’s aesthetic look, you can easily add music, text, filters, overlays, transitions, and elements that are pre-loaded with ready to use templates.

For more info about making thanksgiving videos for kids via this tool, kindly refer to these steps.

  • Get and install this video editor from the button provided below.


  • Open the program and select the ratio that you prefer for your project.
  • After that, upload the video and other multimedia files that you’re going to use by hitting “Import”; “Import File”.
    import file
  • Once imported into the program, simply drag and place the video and the other file into the Timeline.
    move timeline
  • Next, is to arrange the video and other files according to your liking.
  • To add more effects, you can go through the functions located at the left portion of the tool. Choose a certain tab, look for a template, and drag it into the timeline as well.
    add effects
  • To render the video, click “Export” type the title that you want, choose the format and quality and then click “Export” once more to finalize the process.
    export file


Those are the two methods that can help you to make cool thanksgiving videos for kids. If you’re not that artistic and want an instant video then the online program may help you better. While if you prefer designing your video and making more effort into it, then opt for a desktop video editor like BeeCut.

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