Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers

video editing software for YouTubers YouTube Studio is an application which can help you manage YouTube channels easier. Users can upload videos, monitor channel and video performance with no trouble. Furthermore, you can check out the latest data, schedule videos, respond to comments and a lot more. Meanwhile, there are some cases that you may want to upload videos. But before that, you need to use a program which you can use to create a video for your channel. Though you can use YouTube studio editor to adjust and enhance video by trimming, adding an end screen, blur and card, it is not intuitive to use and you may not satisfy with its functions. Here, we introduce video editing software for YouTubers allowing you to create an awesome video faster and more effectively.

3 popular video editors for YouTubers


BeeCut is a professional video editor which is perfect made to help you make an eye-catching video. It has advanced video editing functions such as filters, overlays, text, transitions and elements. Aside from that, you may also be able to insert audio, mosaic, zoom, crop, split, rotate, flip, and adjust saturation, contrast, brightness, and hue. The good thing about this app is that it has a user-friendly interface which surely users can utilize it even without any expertise in this field. Moreover, it supports many kinds of commonly used aspect ratios including 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 3:4 and 1:1. Download BeeCut Main Features:
  • A great video editor which has a lot of useful editing functions.
  • It supports various aspect ratios.
  • It is very easy and convenient to use.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android systems.
  • Users cannot add voice narration directly to the program.
  • It lacks the professional movie editing functions.


An alternative free video editor for YouTubers which you can use on your computer is the ShotCut. This program lets you make your own stunning video which you can use on your YouTube Channel using its different video effects. These include eye dropper, fade in, fade out, filters, transitions, brightness, auto-rotate and so on and so forth. Moreover, users adjust the loudness of the audio, peak meter, spectrum analyzer and waveform. ShotCut Main Features:
  • A free video editing which has advanced editing features.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • It is a totally free video editor.
  • Users cannot share the video directly to different social media sites.
  • It has limited transitions.
  • It is not suitable for video editing beginners.

VSDC Video Editor

The last video editor for YouTubers is the VSDC Video Editor. It supports a wide range of audio and video formats. It allows users to cut, merge, and split and a lot more to enhance their video. Besides, the output video is supported by numerous devices such as PC, DVD players, iOS and Android devices. Also, you can quickly share or upload video to several social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram and Twitter. VSDC Video Editor Main Features:
  • A video editor which has several features.
  • It is a good video editor for home users.
  • It has a customizable program interface.
  • Its free version has a poor performance.
  • Its interface is not intuitive to use.


As stated above, all the tools mentioned above can be used for video editor YouTubers use. All of them have different functions to create YouTube videos. On the other hand, BeeCut comes with a simple interface to operate the program conveniently. ShotCut is perfect for videographers. While, VSDC Video Editor can compete with other editors. Meanwhile, if you want a video editor which has everything you need, then BeeCut is the right choice.

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