Best Watermark Apps for Android 2019

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People nowadays are fond of taking photographs and shooting videos using their mobile phones and sharing them to their favorite social media sites. But what if someone gets a hold of your photographs without your permission? It sounds frustrating, but in this post we discovered the best watermark app for Android users to protect your personal files. Read it promptly to pick out the right one for you.

6 Watermark Apps for Android Users

Add Watermark on Videos & Photos

User’s rating: 4.7
System requirements: Android 4.2 and up
Size: 43M

Best free watermark app for Android

As its name indicates, Add Watermark on Videos & Photos is a watermark app for Android that enables users to watermark images as well as videos. It has a simple interface with which you can easily create your own watermark for your photos and videos. It provides pre-designed watermarks, copyright symbols, digital signatures, and even stickers to protect your file. And you are allowed to customize the size, transparency, position, alignment, rotation, and many more aspects based on your needs. What’s more, this app is very friendly to those who have multiple files to be watermarked.


  • Has a user-friendly interface.
  • Adds watermark to images and videos.
  • Allows users to add stickers, symbols, and signatures.
  • Batch add multiple watermarks.

Add Watermark on Photos

User’s rating: 4.8
System requirements: Android 4.2 and up
Size: 57M

Best watermark app for Android

Different from the above app, Add Watermark on Photos is a free watermark app for Android that only works for photos. It has preset watermark templates, text, copyrights, symbols and signatures that you use in your photos directly. You can also use your own logo image from your mobile phone. Besides that, it offers you many other helpful customizations for the watermarks like adjusting the color, text, font, size, rotation, and background, etc. The best part of it is its batch processing feature, which allows you to watermark hundreds of files at once.


  • It helps you to add your own and pre-designed watermark, logo, and signature to photo.
  • It offers customizable settings for text watermarks like font, color, effects, etc.
  • It is capable of watermarking photos in batch.
  • Users can preview and adjust watermarks before processing.

Photo Watermark

User’s rating: 4.6
System requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up
Size: 15M


Another one of the best free watermark app for Android users is called Photo Watermark. This app also only works for photos. This app has a clean and simple interface, yet provides multiple watermark solutions. It allows you to add watermark, text, logos, and even stickers to your photo. Also, similar to the previous tools, you can also change the watermark by adjusting its position, transparency, rotation, and special effects to create your own custom watermark. The biggest difference with this app is you can use the camera to take new photos anytime you want.


  • Built-in camera feature that allows you to take photos in real time.
  • It offers hundreds of text and png stickers for watermark.
  • Easy to customize the watermarks.
  • Recently used watermarks will be saved as templates for subsequent use.


User’s rating: 4.7
System requirements: varies with device
Size: varies with device

Free watermark app for Android

Salt is a paid watermark app for Android that allows users to watermark photos only. It has 2 options on its interface including Photos and Logos. Basically, the “Photos” option allows you to import the image you want to add the watermark, while the “Logo” option lets you quickly add logos to your current image. This app also offers a basic photo cropper tool to adjust the size to make it compatible with social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, etc.


  • It has hundreds of amazing fonts.
  • It provides simple photo editing features.
  • It supports adding a watermark, logo, and text to photo.

Add Watermark Free

User’s rating: 4.4
System requirements: varies with device
Size: varies with device

Watermark app for Android

If you are looking for a free watermark app for Android, you can install Add Watermark Free from the Google Play Store. With it, you can add text and image to your photos in batch mode. It also offers lots of settings and cool features that you can easily use to personalize the watermarks, such as adjusting the size, transparency, rotation, and alignment, etc.

Warning: Make sure you don’t delete the original copy of your image because you can’t remove watermarks from the processed image.


  • It allows you to process photos in batch mode.
  • It has built-in fonts, and stickers.
  • Add a timestamp, filename, tags, and other properties to the watermark.
  • It supports transparent .png photo files.

Video Watermark

User’s rating: 4.8
System requirements: Android 4.2 and up
Size: 57M

Watermark app for Android

Video Watermark is another great free watermark app for Android that can help you create your own logo and watermark to protect your videos. You can choose to use its built-in watermark templates or create a stylish one with the included watermark maker. It also provides the option to customize settings for the watermarks including the position, color, and transparency.


  • Add a watermark and logo to video.
  • Provides available logo templates.
  • Saves and shares the processed image easily.


User’s rating: 4.3
System requirements: Android 5.0 and up
Size: 21M

Best watermark app for Android

Aside from the amazing apps mentioned above, you can actually use BeeCut app as a watermark app for Android. It is an easy-to-use yet professional editor app that you can install from Google Play, and even the App Store. It offers basic editing functions including cropping, cutting, and transition effects, add text, change the video speed, rotating, etc. Aside from those amazing features, you can choose your required ratios as it offers 9:16, 1:1, 16:9, 4:3, and 3:4 formats. The good thing here is you can install it for free, and can export your file in HD quality without any watermark or required payment.


  • It offers a lot of useful editing functions.
  • It is convenient and user-friendly app.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android systems.
  • Save and share the processed image seamlessly.


Assuredly, Android users are now excited to try these efficient tools when it comes to photo and video watermarking. You can choose which one suits you or which you think would help you effectively. Comment down below if you have any other suggestions!

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