How to Remove Audio from Video

It could be extremely annoying when you finished filming a video, and a noisy background sound appeared in it that distracts your audience. While certain powerful sound removal tools to remove audio from video like Premiere Pro are so complex to use and therefore somewhat inconveniencing. Fortunately, there are some lighter and more friendly tools to remove background noise from video.

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Two Simple Ways to Remove Audio from Video


The first recommendation is Beecut. This versatile tool helps you in many ways of dealing with video editing. Using this movie editor, you can create a professional video that can be applied in different situations. It is your best choice for creating educational content, a product intro, commercial videos, etc. For a beginner, it’s quick and easy to get used to. Now click the download button and learn to remove audio from video.

  1. Click the download button, and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your PC/Mac.


  2. After the completion of installing, open the application and import the video with noise by clicking “Import File”.Then add it to your timeline.

  3. Choose the video and right-click it, and select Audio Detach. With this function, you can extract audio from video.

  4. After you extract the audio, right-click it to get it DELETED.
  5. Replace the audio with a new one (in case you need)

    Once you remove audio from video, you can substitute it with another soundtrack by adding a music clip from the built-in music library.

  6. When done with editing, you need to save the project before you quit the editor. Also, you can export it immediately.


An alternative way to remove background noise from video is Movavi. It’s also a rather powerful tool that supports you extract audio from mp4, Mkv, Rmvb, etc. It not only assists you in removing background noise from video but also in overlaying music, applying special effects, adding transitions and so on. With the following instructions, you are about to learn how to remove audio from video.

  1. Download Movavi Video Editor for PC or Mac first. Follow the instructions to install.


  2. Open the app and start a new project, then click Add Media Files to import. It will show up in the timeline automatically.
    add media files
  3. Different from Beecut, once the video you want to remove is added, the software will process audio extraction automatically. Select the soundtrack and click the REMOVE button to delete it.
    remove audio from video


The software listed above are our recommendations on how to remove sound from video. These tools are great aids to make your video more attractive and go viral. If you want a one-stop and free experience with just a few clicks, Beecut is highly recommended.

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    Wow, the above 3 methods are fantastic. previously, I always use Free HD Video Converter to remove the audio from video. fortunately, the software is free, LOL. Now, i can remove audio from video more simple and direct. Thanks for your sharing!

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