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Spending time to make an introduction is very important because it is the first thing the audience will see in your video. A good intro is no longer than 20 seconds and has minimal text or voiceovers. However, with such a short amount of time, it needs to convey what the video is all about. It should also contain your logo to help people recognize and remember your product. Listed in this article are some free intro makers online that can help you make your introduction more stylish and attractive to viewers.

Top 2 free intro makers no watermark


LightMV is a free video making tool which can help you create a high-quality video from photos in minutes. This online application is packed with several templates with various effects that you can use to enhance your video. Moreover, this tool does not require any registration and you can watch the output video without watermark. Below is the step-by-step procedure on how to use this wonderful tool.
  1. Go to its official website through this link.
  2. Click "Get Started" button. From here, choose the template that you wish to use by clicking the "Select" button or preview by clicking the "Play" button before selecting.

    select template

  3. Upload the photos you are going to animate by clicking the "Upload" button or just drag them inside the box of the interface. Input your opening and ending texts.

    upload photos

  4. Lastly, click the "Produce" button to process your video. Click the "Play" button to preview your video.

    watch video


Panzoid is a free intro maker with no watermark that helps you create animated introductions. It was first made available in January 2012 to provide tools for creating and customizing introductions for videos. It contains Community Templates which were created by other users. To start using Panzoid, follow the instruction below.
  1. Visit the official page of the program.
  2. Go to the "Creations" tab and choose from the given animations.
  3. Click "Open in Clipmaker" at the upper part of the program.

    open in Clipmaker

  4. Create your outro video using the basic settings, object, scene, effects, camera animation and audio track.

    edit text

  5. Once finished, click "Download" then hit the "Start video render" button to save your video.

    start video render

Extra Tips: how to make an animated introduction

BeeCut is a video editing application that allows you to make videos with high-definition quality for different purposes such as marketing strategies, video materials for class discussion, overviews or demonstrations for a certain product, and a lot more. Moreover, this excellent application is also a free animated intro maker, which contains a lot of wonderful templates that you can use on your video clips. This program also offers options like filters, transitions, texts, cropping and trimming tools to edit and design your video. To use this awesome program, follow the steps below.
  1. Download and install the program on your PC or just open the online version.


  2. Under the "Text" tab, choose from among five opening templates you wish to use, then drag it to your timeline.

    drag to timeline

  3. Click the template on the timeline, then click the "Pencil" icon to edit text. Choose the style and input font, size, type, alignment, color, then click "OK".

    edit intro with ApowerEdit

  4. Click the "Export" icon and type the file name, select a format, and choose where you want to save your video clip. Then hit the "Export" button below to save.


These free intro maker programs will help you achieve the best style for your videos without any watermark. Aside from being free, they also come with premade templates that help you make attractive introductions for your clips. For the best intro maker, LightMV is highly recommended because it is easy to use with lots of updated templates to choose from and does not require you to download an application. On the other hand, aside from having templates for introduction, BeeCut is also recommended for making and editing videos due to its variety of filters and effects. You may choose among these tools to see which one of them suits you best.
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